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If you are looking for additional demographics information on Walla Walla County you may find the following sites helpful.
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U.S. Census Bureau
Excellent source fore population, housing, economics, and geographic data.

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U.S. Census Bureau – American Factfinder
Good site to find detailed demographics fact sheet on Walla Walla County.

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WorkSource Explorer Washington
Washington State Labor Market Information. Site contains monthly labor market summaries of Walla Walla County.

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Washington State Department of Revenue
State and local tax distribution figures updated monthly. Information on the Washington State tax structure.

Workforce Explorer

Workforce Explorer
Current Employment Data / Washington State Labor Market and Economic Analysis


Full range of official statistical information available to the public from the federal government. Access official statistics collected and published by more than 100 federal agencies.

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Excellent site to quickly gain access to relevant regional economic data.

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Bureau of Economic Analysis
Detailed estimates down to the county level on earnings, employment by industry, transfer payments (i.e. social security) and farm gross income are provided once a year.

Walla Walla County Demographics

Economic Profile

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1 Walla Walla County Quick Facts
2 Walla Walla County Population 1930-2019
3 Walla Walla County Population 2010-2019
4 Walla Walla County 2019 Population Breakdown
5 Walla Walla County Population Projections 2010-2040
6 Walla Walla County Population by Age & Sex - 2017
7 Walla Walla County Population by Ethnicity 2011-2017
8 Walla Walla County/State/Nation Per Capita Personal Income 2008-2017
9 Walla Walla County/State Median Household Income 2009-2018
10 Walla Walla County Civilian Labor Force 2009-2018
11 Walla Walla County Employment Growth 2013-2018
12 Walla Walla County Primary & Secondary Labor Force 2017 & 2018
13 Walla Walla County Civilian Labor Force 2012-2018
14 Walla Walla County Employment by Industry & Wages 2018
15 Walla Walla County Covered Employment 2018
16 Walla Walla County/City Assessed Value 2015-2019
17 Walla Walla County/City Building Permit Activity 2012-2018
18 Walla Walla County Median Resale Home Prices 2011-2018
19 Walla Walla Housing Affordability Index 2009-2018
20 Walla Walla County Existing Home Sales 2011-2018
21 Walla Walla County Taxable Retail Sales 2010-2018
22 Walla Walla County Taxable Retail Sales by Industry 2015-2018
23 Walla Walla County Largest Employers 2019
24 Walla Walla County - Work & Live 2003 & 2011
25 Walla Walla County - 30 Largest Assessed Value Property Owners
26 Walla Walla County Property Tax Distribution 2019
27 Walla Walla Regional Airport Enplaned Passengers 1975-2018
28 Walla Walla County Agricultural Statistics
29 Walla Walla County Educational Attainment 2013-2017
30 Walla Walla County Bank Deposits 2010-2019
31 Walla Walla County-Tourism-General Merchandise 2014-2019
32 Walla Walla County-Tourism-Eating/Drinking Places 2014-2019
33 Walla Walla County-Tourism-Hotel & Motels 2014-2019
Additional Economic Data Resources