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     The Washington State Department of Transportation Aviation Division recently completed an economic impact analysis on the Walla Walla Regional Airport. The results are impressive.

409 Jobs
The number of employees who are employed in the aviation industry, plus the aviation-oriented share of those that are employed in sectors that support air passengers (hotels, restaurants, etc.)
$8,307,455 Payroll
The sum of the wages and salaries to all employed persons that the aviation industry pays, directly or indirectly.
$30,646,570 Economic Activity
The value of aviation (aviation and airport services) plus the “multiplier” effect.

Port of
Makes A

Creating Jobs
More than two of every 10 workers [23.1% of Walla Walla County’s labor force] are employed by businesses assisted by the Port of Walla Walla. That means somebody you know benefits from Port activities that generate career opportunities that make a difference.

In 2002, companies assisted by the Port of Walla Walla provided 5,564 jobs which resulted in a total payroll exceeding $110,390,000.

Building Tax Revenues
In 2002, companies assisted by the Port of Walla Walla paid $5,024,286 in property taxes. That’s 12.3% of all property taxes collected in Walla Walla County. Five of the top 10 largest taxpayers in the county are Port assisted businesses.

Return On Investment
For every one dollar in taxpayer support received by the Port of Walla Walla, businesses assisted by the Port pay back more than $3.98 in property taxes.

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