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Public and private agencies partner to finance “alternative” for shipping Northwest produce to East Coast

Ready and waiting...part of the 55-car train stands on the mark for loads of Northwest produce inside Railex's Wallula terminal. Each 64-foot long car is temperature and humidity controlled, with GPS equipment so its status can be checked at any time.

   Port of Walla Walla officials are sure their support of the Railex project will prove to be a rewarding investment.
    Port Commission President Paul Schneidmiller says that in addition to tax dollars generated by the development, Railex will pay loading and unloading fees to the Port that will help offset initial investments.    In addition, Railex is expected to create as many as 100 jobs in its first year. “Within three years,” Schneidmiller said, “the number of workers could be up to 200.”
    There are plenty of reasons for optimism.    Andy Pollak, CEO and owner of AMPCO Distribution Services Management, the Railex founder, says he’s “very excited” about the project.
    “Railex will provide Washington State produce growers with a more predictable transportation option to access East Coast markets with the shipment of 55 rail cars from West to East every week,” Pollak said.
    John Philip, Union Pacific Railroad, assistant vice president - food and refrigerated products, said, "We believe this service will provide an alternative method to ship perishable produce other than over-the-road transportation."

Railex Funding Partners

Railex, LLC Approximately $20,000,000
Land Purchase
Warehouse (200,000 square feet)
Initial Rail Improvements

Union Pacific Approximately $30,000,000
110 Railcars
Four Locomotives & Crew

State of Washington                  $4,400,000
CERB Grant (Road improvements) $200,000
Community Block Grant (Water System) $700,000
Capital Budet (Site Infrastructure) $700,000
Transportation Bdgt (Rail Infrastructure) $2,500,000

Port of Walla Walla                   $1,701,301
Capital Fund (Site Infrastructure) $901,301
CERB Repayment (Road Infrastructure) $800,000

Federal Government                   $1,500,000
Transportation Appropriation (Rail Infrastructure)

Walla Walla County                      $500,000
.08% Sales Tax Acct

Total Investments       $58,001,301


55 Railcars = 200 trucks per week
loading produce into Wallula warehouse

55 Railcars = Approximately 8 million pounds of produce per week shipped to East Coast.

55 Railcars x 52 weeks = Approximately 416 million pounds of produce per year shipped to the East Coast.


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