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Horizon Air’s Q400 turbojet makes its first Walla Walla Regional Airport landing.

PHOTO: Horizon Air’s Q400 turbojet makes its first Walla Walla Regional Airport landing. Right: Visitors to the Fly Walla Walla First Web site are welcomed...and introduced to Horizon Air’s local schedule and services.

“Walla Walla is doing all the right things
to make air travel here successful.”
Dan Russo - Horizon Air Vice President Marketing & Communications

    Horizon Air’s vice president of marketing and communications, Dan Russo, has given the local Fly Walla Walla First promotion high marks for its newspaper, radio and internet advertising. “It’s the right thing,” he said.
    Here for the initial arrival of Horizon’s Q400, Russo said the aircraft’s increase in seats presents “an uphill challenge” for a small community, but that the airline is ready to explore options that could help Walla Walla
boost its boardings.
    He pointed out that the “beautiful and functional” terminal building can serve as a major attraction for travelers headed to Seattle.
    “It’s more than our pleasure to be here,” he added.

Fly Walla Walla First Web Site

Horizon Air’s Q400 turbojet

Nearly $2 million invested in upgrades at WW Regional Airport

    The Port of Walla Walla – with assistance from the Federal Aviation Administration – invested nearly $2 million in improvements at Walla Walla Regional Airport during 2008.
    Major improvements were completed on the Airport’s South Aviation Ramp. The restoration project included diamond grinding off the top layer of the concrete ramp, repairing and replacing damaged concrete panels, repairing concrete joints, improving storm water drainage, applying a protective seal coat to the refurbished ramp and striping. The FAA provided 95 percent of the $1,882,000 cost.
    The FAA also participated – at the 95 percent level – in the $113,500 installation of a new Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) on Runway 20. The advanced technology enhances instrument landing capabilities.

WW Regional Airport Statistics

Number of aircraft operations
Estimated Horizon Passenger Boardings
Gallons of Aviation Fuel Sold (Jet A & 100LL)
Number of Aircraft Based at WW Regional Airport

Airport’s South Aviation Ramp
PHOTO: Airport’s South Aviation Ramp improvements included diamond grinding, concrete panel repair and replacements, installation of an enhanced storm water drainage system, surface seal coat and striping.

PHOTO RIGHT: One of four “light
boxes” that make up the airport’s new
Precision Approach Path Indicator
(PAPI). The recently installed system
on Runway 20 enhances instrument
landing capabilities.

Precision Approach Path Indicator

Photos by Donna Lasater


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