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The Port of Walla Walla is leading a community effort to develop a multi-use park and recreation area surrounding and including Cargill Pond near Burbank.
Port Commissioner Ron Dunning says the Port is working with community groups and a landscape architect to create a design concept that enhances existing pond features and a family activity center.
While Cargill Pond currently provides fishing and swimming opportunities, Dunning said the area lacks the esthetic qualities normally associated with a park. Added elements could feature walking paths, picnic sites and grasscovered play areas.
The redevelopment would also “spruce up” the front entrance to the Burbank community and provide an enhanced gateway to the Port’s Burbank Business Park.
“We are pleased with the level of community interest in redeveloping Cargill Pond,” Dunning emphasized. “Our goal is to work with community leaders to obtain the necessary public and private funding to begin the first of four improvement phases.”
Should the redevelopment plan proceed, the Port would need to enter into a costsharing agreement with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, owners of the property, which is considered a part of Hood Park and alsoreferred to as the Hood Park Boat Basin.
Cargill Pond Project Design Goals

• Provide park facilities that will be easily accessible from the surrounding community.
• Develop a system of pedestrian and bicycle paths to connect existing and future park
• Encourage the development of parks and recreation facilities that takes advantage of natural open space.
• Enhance the beauty of the area as a major environmental centerpiece.
• Foster good will with the community.
• Retain open space, enhance recreational opportunities, preserve fish and wildlife habitat.
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