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Port Tenant Profile - Burbank Industrial Park

Columbia Basin Rebar makes concrete last

"I’d be hard pressed to name a concrete project in the region that isn’t reinforced with our rebar."

Scott Spalding
General Manager
Columbia Basin Rebar




   When Scott Spalding talks about production at his Columbia Basin Rebar facility he doesn't describe its annual production in terms of pounds.
   "We talk TONS," he says. "During an average year, we'll fabricate and ship some 14,000 tons of concrete reinforcement steel to construction projects in our region."
   That's 28-million pounds if you do the math.
   Spalding is general manager of the Burbank based rebar fabrication facility that ships to construction sites in Eastern Washington, Eastern Oregon, North Idaho and Western Montana and he's more than a little enthusiastic about Columbia Basin Rebar.
   "We're a great company," he says. "Our parent, Harris Rebar Company, is a strong player in this industry, investing in the future and committed to extending its lease on the Port site that's been home since 1978."
    In its service area, Columbia Basin Rebar projects include the new Railex Wine Services Distribution Center, bridges and
overpasses on the improved sections ofU.S. 12 and a multitude of new buildings throughout the service area.
   Spalding said a big contributor to Columbia Basin Rebar's recent success has been the construction of wind farms in Walla Walla and neighboring counties.
   According to Spalding, the concrete foundation for a single wind machine uses some 50 tons of concrete reinforcing steel from the Burbank plant.
   Columbia Basin Rebar regularly employs 25 people. During peak activity times the number may climb to as many as 80.
   The fact that each employee takes a personal interest in his performance can be measured by achievements in safety while working, an issue that has a high priority with ownership and management at the plant.
   "We just recently were saluted by our corporate leadership for completing 45,000 production hours without a recordable injury," Spalding said. "For a high-risk environment like ours, that's incredible."

Each Harris Rebar Company location is focused on providing full service solutions such as estimating, detailing, fabrication, installation and project management.
Photos: Left - Scott Spalding, GM, Columbia Basin Rebar. Center - CBR technician makes custom bends to fit customer design. Right - Fabricated or shipment. Bottom - 60-foot long sections of rebar received from parent company's Seattle recycle center are ready for sizing and fabrication.

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