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Port of Walla Walla continues support of Columbia / Snake River navigation
PHOTOS: Above: CLD Pacific Grain storage terminals at Port of Walla Walla’s Burbank Industrial Park. Below: Cruise boat at Burbank. Port file photos.

According to the State of Washington Marine Cargo Forecast, volume of waterborne trade is expected to increase from 75-million tons to 125-million tons by 2025. Lower Columbia River Grain exports are expected to nearly double to 15.1-million tons.

    In fulfilling its responsibilities to retain viable transportation options within Walla Walla County, the Port remains actively involved in the Pacific Northwest Waterways Association (PNWA).
     This regional organization is committed to maintaining and growing river navigation as an efficient means for moving imports and exports between the Northwest and markets around the world.
     Port Commissioners agree that supporting and actively participating in PNWA helps lend strength to arguments for protecting the 14-foot deep navigation channel between Lewiston, Idaho and Portland and promoting the economic competitiveness of the waterway.
     The Port also remains a strong advocate for the Columbia-Snake River System’s continued role in providing multiple public benefi ts as authorized by Congress. This includes hydropower, navigation, irrigation and costeffective salmon recovery measures with demonstrable benefits.

Port of Walla Walla Burbank Shipping Facts (Annual)


2.5 million
$10 million

Scrap Steel
70,000 tons
$7 million

Inland Navigation Facts

365 miles, 14 feet deep
from Portland to Lewiston

10 Million tons of
commercial cargo each year

$1.5 to $2.0 billion value annually

Half of all Columbia River
wheat exports arrive by barge

Columbia / Snake River

#1 U.S. Wheat Export Gateway

#1 U.S. Barley Export Gateway

#1 West Coast Paper &
Paper Product Exports

#1 West Coast Mineral
Bulk Exports

#1 West Coast Auto Imports
Each year barging
keeps 700,000 trucks off highways
that run through the sensitive
airshed of the
Columbia River Gorge

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